About Us

maui vintage puka shell

Creating Traditional & Contemporary Hawaiian Wearable Art

Puka shell jewelry, seed lei, rare vintage shells. Batik scarves, hat pins and classes to create these stunning pieces. Teach students to take what is taught, and create your own concept.

Perpetuating Hawaiian Art

 Participate in art of choice, a few hours of workshops, you will learn basics and where to source materials. OR  To become proficient sign up for a series (ie months or years) with Professional Kumu 

drilling kupee shells to create traditional lei

How do I learn more about the classes

Hawaiian Classes workshops are everyday. Actual projects are by interest of the group

  • Watch artist as a walk-in
  • Make appointment to speak to Kumu
  • Participate for a
    • day $25
    • month $45
  • book an event
    • we come to your home party 
    • hotel convention
    • group incentive